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Candidates-Alumni Society Board of Directors
    Below is information provided by candidates interested in persuing election to the Alumni Society Board of Directors.  Candidates are not required to make a submission, so all interested parties may not appear.  Nomination of candidates comes from the floor during the Alumni General Meeting.  Interested persons may self-nominate and all candidates should be prepared to make a few comments regarding their interest in seeking office.


Ms. Shonell O. Newton

AA Law & Criminal Justice '98, BED Secondary Education-History & Geography

Special Credit Officer, Commonwealth Bank

Community Activities: Former Centre Manager with Junior Achievement

Why I am a Candidate:

My Vision for the Alumni Society:  To see alumni feel honor and pride for having attended such a noble institution.

Other Information:


Ms. Chantell Rolle 

BA Tourism Management '06

Supervisor, Insurance Services, Doctors Hospital Ltd.

Community Activities: Catholic Young Adults CYAC


Why I am a Candidate: I care about the future of The College of The Bahamas.  The experiences as a student at COB can no doubt assist new students as they adapt to college life.  Its awesome to be able to connect with other graduates that have walked the halls of COB and everywhere I go I boast of how a COB education can prepare students for further studies anywhere in the World.

My Vision for the Alumni Society:  I want to see the society grow and be represented on a National Level.  We are the products of a COB education and represent what is the result of that.

Other Information: Education Officer in the Local Chapter of the American Association of Professional Coders, Owner of Dream Box Creations - Designing Favors and Decor for any occasion.


AA Journalism '78

CEO/Marketing Director, LJ Public Relations & Market Research

Activities at COB: 1st President, COB Alumni Association
Community Activities: Nassau, Bahamas Alumnae Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, The Nassau Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise, One Family Junkanoo & Community  Organization

Why I am a Candidate: I see it as another opportunity to contribute to continued development of my alma mater.
My Vision for the Alumni Society: To become a powerful networking and support organism for students and graduates of COB to become a major contributor (financial and otherwise) to the advancement of the College of The Bahamas.
Other Information:

Mr. Troy E. Clarke

AA Criminal Justice '97 & Advance Certificate in Social Work '00

Founding President & CEO, The National L.E.A.D. Institute

Activities at COB: President of College of The Bahamas Union of Students 1994-95 and Circle K

Community Activities: Toastmasters International, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. The National L.E.A.D. Institute, The Visiting Committee to The Simpson Penn Center for Boys, Real Mens Ministries International, Project Reentry Bahamas, American Correctional Association, Caribbean Association of Corrections, and The International Third World Leaders Association. 

Why I am a Candidate: Being a visionary and passionate young man who desires to see my community and country move to the next level in the global community as a country prided with individuals who strive for academic excellence prompted me to offer my services.

My Vision for the Alumni Society: My vision for the Society is to have an economy work well through an educated work force.  We can not sustain an economy based on innovation unless we have citizens well educated in Math, Science, and Engineering.  If we fail at this we would not be able to compete in the Global Economy.  Therefore, to foster growth in the college community through the society in Math, Science and Engineering.

Other Information:  I am the Founding President & CEO of The National L.E.A.D. Institute which is the leading Community Correctional Organization in the area of Preventative Evidence Based Programs for At-Risk Males in the Educational System and Re-Entry Programs through our Project Re-Entry Bahamas Conferences.

AA Accounting '95, MBA with concentration in Leadership '12

Prinicipal, LevCap Systems Bahamas

Activities at COB: COBUS Senate Speaker

Community Activities: Protocol Officer - Church Prison Fellowship Bahamas

Why I am a Candidate: I am ready to take an active role in the national development of the Bahamas through the programs and activities of the College of the Bahamas.

My Vision for the Alumni Society: To my mind, the Alumni Society has a vital role to play in reconnecting those who have successfully finished their course of study and established themselves in the community to return to inspire, mentor, facilitate and support those who are currently attending COB or aspire to attend the College in the future.  The up and comers need more support and facilitation than previous generations and we have responsibility to help to bridge that gap to help them achieve their highest goals and aspirations.

Other Information:


Mrs. Remelda B. BeenRemelda Been

AA General Education and Teacher's Certificate '91

Senior Mistress, Ministry of Education

Activities at COB: Volleyball Team

Community Activities: Sunday School Teacher, Guide Leader, Member of Grand Bahama Players and Freeport Players, ACW Member, Junkanoo Judge

Why I am a Candidate: To help the alumni society grow and become a force to be reckoned with in the community of Grand Bahama.

My Vision for the Alumni Society: To help the Alumni Society in Grand Bahama to move to the next level by encouraging those who live in Grand Bahama to highlight their Alma Mater to those they come in contact with.

Other Information:

Ms. Antoinette C. Seymour

AA English Language/Literature '80

University Transition Secretariat Archivist, The College of The Bahamas

Activities at COB: Annual Campus Theme Committee

Community Activities: Bahamas Chess Federation-related, Temple Baptist Church-related

Why I am a Candidate: I am a proud alumna and very interested in assisting with any strategic programme to engage as many alumni as possible in the building of this great institution.

My Vision for the Alumni Society: A body instrumental in engaging as many alumni as possible in the continual development of The College of The Bahamas as well as The University of The Bahamas.

Other Information: I have a pretty good history of The College, having been a student and an employee for all of my adult life.  I have also worked as proof reader on several Alumni Magazines and have participated in a number of alumni events.

Ms. Jana Stubbs

BBA Marketing '11

Administrative Assistant, Fidelity Bank

Activities at COB: Chairperson, Class of 2011

Community Activities: Catholic Young Adult Community

Why I am a Candidate: I want to give back to an organization that  has helped me to become the person that I am today. 

My Vision for the Alumni Society: My vision for the Alumni Society is to continue to be a source of support for the College Community and assist further in the growth and development of the College.

Other Information:



Ms. Andrea A. Moultrie

AA History '06

Associate Attorney

Activities at COB: Law Society

Community Activities: Kiwanis

Why I am a Candidate: For two consecutive summers, I worked in the Alumni Relations Department as a summer student during the time that the Department was created, and worked on building the alumni database.  This early involvement with alumni relations, as well as the fond memories I hold of COB and the time I spent there, and my belief that premium tertiary education should be accessible to all Bahamian residents, have peaked my desire to serve and perform in this particular capacity.  

My Vision for the Alumni Society: I would like to see a vibrant Alumni Association, which has developed effective strategies of communicating and liasing with alumni and of marketing the College to the public, so as to increase revenue and public support of COB's ventures.

Other Information:





Ms. Larissa E. E. Sawyer

AA Journalism '06

Marketing & PR Coordinator, Fidelity Bank

Activities at COB: COBUS Senator

Community Activities: We The People, various charity activities through Trinity Methodist Church.

Why I am a Candidate: I am interested in becoming a candidate because as a former student, I believe that I am able to speak to the positive experience that the College provides.  I am quite interested in strengthening the relationship between the students, staff and faculty and the Alumni Society.  I also possess the skills necessary to promote the Society's initiatives and activities and to encourage membership. 

My Vision for the Alumni Society: I hope that the Alumni Society will be in close communication with the students, staff and faculty of COB, becoming a vehicle for positive changes that are based on the voices that are heard.  I also hope that the society emerges in the media as a very public advocate for the College.

Other Information:





Ms. Erica V. Duncombe

AA Law & Criminal Justice '05

Accounts Clerk, Office of The Attorney General

Activities at COB: Law Society

Community Activities: Kiwanis Club of Nassau

Why I am a Candidate: To encourage other alumni to come together to build and develop an institution that future students can be proud of.  The College of The Bahamas has been a strong factor in my life and has groomed me into the person I am today.  It is important to give back what this institution has given me and that is a foundation to guide other students on the correct path through tertiary education.

My Vision for the Alumni Society: To simply see the Alumni Society as a driving force in the College of The Bahamas that will continue to encourage ventures and projects within the College together with the community.

Other Information:

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